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Analysing architecture from a user perspective through dialogue and evaluation

An evaluation is often managed through a combination of methods: interviews with key role-persons, analyzes of programs for design and quality and observations of the built environment on site. Another method is the getting a second opinion from a team of experts.

Post Occupancy Evaluation, POE, contains a set of methods. One of those, which we often recommend our clients, is a method for evaluation of the built environment on site. It is called walk-through evaluation. It is a quickly and easily managed method that gives valuable information with a small effort and it is cost-effective. The built environment is studied /walked through/ on site with all parties concerned at the same time.

A dialogue is carried through, concerning the surroundings how it is used, appreciated and experienced. Participating in the dialogue are those who daily de facto lives, works or travels in the environment. They meet the people that are responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of the built environment. The different perspectives can meet and a fruitful dialogue can be managed.

It is important to document the walk through evaluation carefully. It makes it possible for others than the participants in the actual dialogue to appropriate the result.


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