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UIA WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE 2021: Suzanne de Laval om sitt engagemang i UIA Architecture & Children

Arkitekternas världsorganisation, UIA, uppmärksammar tio arkitekter på Internationella kvinnodagen den 8 mars 2021.

Suzanne de Laval intervjuas om sitt engagemang för barn och unga och sitt ordförandeskap i arbetsgruppen UIA Architecture & Children:

”I specially liked the diversity of perspectives from different countries. The wonderful experience of sharing knowledge and experiences about Built Environment Education. Every time we meet we learn a lot from each other. It is also an overpowering feeling to realize you have a worldwide network of people that are interested in the same questions as yourself. And they work with the question, no only on volunteer basis, but more and more on professional basis.

We are also step by step reaching scientific status with doctoral dissertations upon the Built Environment Education subject. Our International network is a remote player in the background helping and supporting researchers in different ways.”

Läs intervjuerna med de tio arkitekterna på UIAs webbplats

The aim for the UIA International Women in Architecture Committee is to highlight the contributions of female architects to society, to share knowledge and advice, to encourage the young, and to foster camaraderie among women professionals and students.

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