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English summary| Örjan Wikforss | Papers

Organizing it in construction: present state and future challenges in Sweden
Published in Journal of Information Technology in Construction 2012,
ITcon Vol. 17, pg 520-534.

Communication and problem-solving ability [0,1 MB]
Chapter in KTH report Byggsektorns förmågor 2011.

Swedish Architectural Research under Renewal [< 0.1 MB]
Published in Sustainability 2011.

Rethinking communication in construction
Published in Journal of Information Technology in Construction 2007,
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 337-346.

Among time thieves and knowledge puzzlers [0,1 MB]
Column published in Fastighetsnytt 2006.

Architecture technology – virtual modelling gives a new dimension to an old technology [0,1 MB]
Keynote speech at the Nordic Association for Architectural Research Conference, Aarhus 27-29 April 2001.

Information Technology Straight Across Swedish Architecture and Construction [0,4 MB]
Full-text version of the book 1993.



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