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Housing and the Role of the Architect

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Örjan Wikforss inledde föreläsningsserien ”Whatever Happened to Swedish Modernism? Radical Swedes” vid UMA, Arkitekthögskolan i Umeå den 10 april. Han talade under rubriken ”Housing and the Role of the Architect”. Föreläsningen handlar om de radikalt förändrade förutsättningarna för bostadsplanering och bostadsbyggande i Sverige.

This public lecture is the first in the series ”Whatever Happened to Swedish Modernism? Radical Swedes” which will expand along two terms from the Spring to the Autumn 2014. The lecture is co-organized by the Laboratory of Immediate Architectural Intervention (LiAi) in the framework of an ongoing course on the interplays of the notions of ”The Other/Coexistence” in relationship with the role of architecture in the design of spaces for being and living together.

The lecture covers the following themes:

land policy
building and planning act
citizen participation
overall planning
design and construction process
research and development
architectural strategies

Introduction by Alberto Altés Arlandis, architect and lecturer at the Laboratory of Immediate Architectural Intervention (LiAi).

The lecture and the following up discussion on video/Se föreläsningen och diskussionen på video

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